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What a weekend!

by Megan Mould

Over the weekend 11th to 13th August 2006, Tintinara in South Australia celebrated its 100th birthday

IF Tintinara could claim a personal best for the last 100 years, there is general agreement that it would be for the weekends centenary celebrations.

Numbers swelled to about 1,000, with former residents travelling from as far afield as Auckland and Shanghai, Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland for the big event.

Jacki Cunningham, who headed the specially formed Centenary committee, was amazed by the attendance.

"There are so many things I could say. I am just overwhelmed at how many people wanted to come back to Tintinara.

"Everybody seems to have a really special affinity with Tintinara and they are all saying it."

She said committee members had basically given up the last 12 months of their lives to organise the weekend that was a credit to the many voluntary organisations that had played such a valuable role.

Photo: Phil Candy
Header image: History File

Committee secretary Jo-Ann McKenzie was equally proud of the community effort.

"It has been said that this is the biggest event that has been held in Tintinara and I tend to agree. It showcases the huge community spirit of Tinty."

Along with organising displays and activities specially for the celebrations, the community has also been involved in projects such as compiling the history book that will leave a lasting legacy.

Coorong District Council installed floodlights outside Heart of the Parks, and also provided welcome administrative support prior to the event.

Extra staff were also employed for the weekend to ensure the town remained clean and tidy throughout.


Tintinara's oldest residents, Phyl Prosser and Graham Bell,
share the honour of cutting the 100th birthday cake
Photo: Deanna Keller