Tintinara Development Group

The Tintinara Development Group (TDG) is a volunteer, Section 41 Committee of the Coorong District Council. The TDG was established in 1998 to revitalise closing businesses and vacant premises in our township, and won the Community Group Category of the 2012 Murraylands and Riverland Regional Award for services to economic and social development.

The TDG main role now is to advise and make recommendations to Council on all matters relating to the Tintinara community and support other community groups achieve outcomes for their projects.

The TDG exceeds their advisory role by carrying out a large portion of the recommended work, using volunteer time and equipment with Council’s support to achieve a positive outcome.

What has the TDG accomplished to date?

  • The securing and conversion of the Tintinara Railway Station into “The Heart of the Parks” Craft Shop.
  • The lobbying of Council regarding the vacant BP service station for reoccupation.
  • Planting of trees on the Tintinara medium strip.
  • The construction of the Tintinara Town Entrance Wall.
  • The retention of a substantial area of native vegetation adjacent to the eastern town boundary followed by the establishment of walking trails, fencing , revegetation of plant species throughout the area, with the help of Council, Tintinara Area School students and Local Action Planning Groups.
  • The construction of a total of 3.5 km of walking trails throughout the township and their ongoing maintenance.
  • The erection of town business sponsored Christmas Banners.
  • Identifying potential Residential and Industrial Development sites in close proximity to township area.
  • The construction of a footpath for disabled residents along Emu springs Road and electric scooter/wheel chair trail access to the Tintinara Cemetery.
  • Identifying road safety issues in Tintinara Township, adjacent highway junctions and disabled parking areas.
  • Construction of the “Tintinara War and Services Memorial”.
  • The modernising and erection of the new Information Sign in Tintinara Apex Park.
  • Lobbying for the cleaning up of the Railway Yards adjacent to the town, including beatification and fire retention at Tintinara town entrances.
  • Working with other groups to achieve a positive outcome, for example Lake Indawarra clean up and Culburra Historic Plough Project.
  • Maintaining Tintinara as a place to stop, rest, and cater for the travelling public so as to maintain viable local businesses and employment, while retaining the natural assets in the District

The Tintinara Development Group meet on the first Monday of each month at 8.00pm in the Tintinara Health & Recreation Centre and welcome all new members who wish to contribute to the planning and maintenance of community assets as well as consider the future needs of the district or assistance in achieving positive outcomes with their projects.


President, Ralph Zacker
Bell Av
Tintinara   5266 Ph 87572267

Secretary, Mary Smith
Box 1001
Tintinara  5266  Ph 87572157


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