Updated March 2015

Overview of the Club

The Tintinara Lions Club was formed in 1976 to serve the Tintinara and local communities. Fund-raising activities include supplying firewood to the local community, collection of newspapers, empty cans and bottles for recycling, catering at local events, sale of Lions Mints and Christmas Cakes, and running the very popular annual Lions Auction and Wool Show.

The Auction and Wool Show are held in conjunction with a Craft and Produce Market on a Sunday in April or May on the Tintinara Football Club Oval. The next event will be held on 12th April 2015.

fleeces on display

Local woolgrowers are encouraged to donate one or more fleeces to the Wool Show, which are then scientifically tested, judged and displayed. The best fleeces in each category are awarded prizes. All wool is later sold, with proceeds going to the club.

In recent years, thousands of items have been auctioned, ranging from tractors, cars, utes, and split firewood, through household items such as furniture, cookers, and fridges, to skate boards, cutlery, and pens.

looking for bargains at the tintinara lions auction

tintinara lions caravan

The Club's caravan is used for catering at shows and local events, where cool drinks, chips, and the ever popular donuts are sold.

Here, Tintinara Lions are celebrating the grand unveiling of the caravan's extended and repainted chimney.

Over the past five years, the Club has raised and made donations of in excess of $30,000 to local and national causes, and has 24 active members.

If you would like to learn more about the Club and its activities, or possibly join the Club, please contact the Secretary, Tom Ferguson, on 08 8756 0060.